Real Estate

Since 1998, the Company has dabbled in the real estate development business. It has been paying great attention to the development of high-end residential real estate, from industrial American-style villa to golf green townhouse. After years’ effort, it has accumulated rich market experience and favorable brand reputation. The buildings it has developed including Orient Garden Villa, Xixi· Zijin Garden, Huzhou Fengya Pingzhou and Xindi· Langjun etc. have won grand prizes such as “Comprehensive Prize of National Humane Residence Classics” and “Livable Building with Best Ecological Environment” etc.

In 2010, Zhejiang International Business Orient Real Estate Co.,Ltd. was established under the leading of Zhejiang International Business Group Co., Ltd. and became a holding company and main real estate development platform of Zhejiang Orient Holdings Co., Ltd.. The Company boasts Grade 2 National Real Estate Developer Qualification and has a registered capital of 500 million Yuan. Relying on powerful support from the shareholders, International Business Orient Real Estate works hard to dig various resources advantages, explore the paths and methods to combine the residential real estate, commercial real estate, tourism real estate, education real estate and pension real estate, striving to build the “International Business Orient Real Estate” benchmark brand of the real estate industry and to become a leading well-known enterprise in the industry with certain influence both in Zhejiang and in China.