Trade circulation

Trade is the traditional main business of the Group. The business scope mainly covers import and export trade of textile garments, import of textile raw material and high-end equipment, as well as bulk stock trade of nonferrous metal, coal and chemical products. The annual sales volume accounts for over 90% of the total income of the Company. 

In recent years, the Group Company has actively adapted to the development trend of “Internet +” and vigorously propelled the construction of cross border E-commerce platform. It has speeded up the implementation of the “walk-out” strategy and the building of southeast Asia textile garment industry chain. It has also accelerated the import structure adjustment and propelled the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade.  The Company works hard to propel the transform of traditional commerce and trade industry with new concept, new technology and new commercial mode. Now, it has succeeded in forming a benign pattern with interaction and co-development of export and import, domestic trade and foreign trade, modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry.

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