Culture Concept
  • Company Mission

    Create value with innovation, serve society with sincerity

  • Operation Concept

    People-oriented Integrity utmost

    Open and innovative Ambitious and steady

  • 文化理念0902_03.jpg

    Core Value

    Social Commitment & Global Connetion

  • Enterprise Prospect

    Work hard to become a supply chain integration service provider with industry foresight and global resources configuration force

  • Enterprise Image Logo

    Red represents passion and sureness, symbolizes the morning glow of Orient and indicates hope.

    “K”is the transform of the first letter in the English word knitwear (knitted products). The white in the middle not only looks like a beam of pure white yarn but also represents that the Group starts from the import and export trade of the textiles. The smooth lines indicate the smooth circulation and development, conforming to the special commercial features of circulation enterprise. The entire logo is consistent and integral in structure, which expresses the profoundness and sturdiness of the root and embodies the united and close team spirit.